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*Free Hearing Check

  • Private clients welcome
  • Able to provide free hearing services for Pensioner and Veteran Affairs clients 
  • Workcover clients welcome
  • NDIS Provider

*Conditions apply

With over 15 years of experience in the Audiometry field, we are prepared for any hearing situation and will make sure you are cared for with the best services.

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  • Hearing Tests
  • Hearing Aid Prescription
  • Employment testing
  • Noise/Swim/Sleep/Musician Plugs
  • Able to see Pensioner and Veteran Affairs clients
  • Workcover clients welcome
  • Private clients welcome

As your local, family owned, independent supplier of hearing aids and accessories, we are able to provide you with your choice of preferred brand . We currently supply the following brands:

  •  GN Resound
  •  Oticon
  •  Widex
  •  Phonak
  •  Sennheiser
  •  other brands available

We offer a wide range of hearing-related services. Please call our office to schedule a consultation appointment, and we'll address your needs from there.

Welcome to Clayden Hearing, where we put your hearing and well-being first.  We invite you to peruse our company and hearing care-related information. We are proud to be a local,  independently owned business providing our clients with a diverse range of hearing aids from various manufacturer's.